Did you already know… the floor

17 May 2018

In our series of "did you know" we would like to introduce the SPIETH elastic swing floor. The "floor" is an apparatus that represents an integral part of the Olympic all-around competition for female and male gymnastics.

There are specific apparatus regulations set by the FIG that are valid for competitions. On the floor they´re the same for both women and men. The routines of gymnasts must be shown on a 12 x 12 m competition area, this needs to have both springy and shock absorbing properties. The SPIETH elastic swing floor "Moscow" meets these requirements and is FIG certified. It has been used at numerous national and international competitions.

Consisting of laminated wood elements with spring system, elastomeric foam plates and special foam roll mats as a top layer, the 3-layer construction provides a dynamic homogeneity over the whole floor surface. Therefore the swing floor is suitable for gymnastics in all ages and performance levels.

On this basis, the tumbling track "Moscow" was developed. This tumbling track is particularly well-suited for use in schools and clubs. Less space is needed and both the assembling and disassembling can be done quicker. At the same time, it offers optimal training conditions with the same properties as the large competition floor. The tumbling track is available in 3 different lengths (12, 14, and 18 m).

An optimal storage of the swing floor and the tumbling track is possible with the different transport trolleys for rollable mats, foam plates and floor elements.

In addition to the before mentioned variants of “Moscow” floors, SPIETH offers the tumbling tracks "SPIETHway III" and "Stuttgart" in its assortment.

The model "SPIETHway III" is the FIG certified tumbling track that is used during competitions in tumbling/ team gym and as methodical equipment in gymnastics training centres. This track consists as well of a 3-layer construction: steel frame with glass fiber rods form the substructure, at this it is put a layer of foam and a special needle fleece rollable mat serves as top layer. Compared to the "Moscow" model, the "SPIETHway" system has a higher rebound.

Especially popular is the variant "Stuttgart". This is a tumbling track that is constructed without steel elements or springs and is suitable for training in clubs and school. The substructure consists of a distributor plate made of special elastic plywood and an elastic wooden plate with foam blocks. A rollable mat for example the SPIETH FLEXI-roll, is used as the top layer.

The tumbling track "Stuttgart" can also be assembled and disassembled fast and stored easily on different trolleys for substructure and rollable mat. It is available in length approx. 11 m and 13.50 m or in variable lengths on request. It is furthermore available as a do-it-yourself kit.

 Here you´ll find all products and information to the SPIETH “floor” product range.