Update: FIG Certificates PB ”Stuttgart” + UB “Bern”

10 May 2021

The FIG-certificate for both apparatuses had been prolonged until a full retest of the apparatuses from the FIG was required again. This had to happen in 2021 for both items but due to new existing models, we did not apply for a retest for PB “Stuttgart” and UB “Bern”.

Parallel Bar “Stuttgart” (Art. 1403104)
We do not produce this Parallel Bars anymore, but the FIG Certificate has been prolonged until end of 2022. We did this because many Clubs and Federation still use this version at their competitions.
The official SPIETH Parallel Bars is the model “Melbourne” (Art. 1403110), which will be also used at the Olympic Games 2020 in Tokyo! For the new PB “Melbourne” the associated set of landing mats “Moscow” is item 1565852.

Uneven Bar “Bern” (Art. 1383200)
The FIG certificate has expired end of March 2021 and it was not prolonged.
With the exchange of the rails “Carboflex” by the new “Fiberflex” rails (Art. 2204830), the frame of the Uneven Bars “Bern” can be updated to the latest model “Bern Exclusive”.