New gymnastics training centre at Asterstein in Koblenz

08 August 2019

In the beginning of year 2019 SPIETH Gymnastics finished a long-awaited project called “Gymnastics Center at Asterstein” in Koblenz. 

With a total surface of 880 sqm a trainings center for men’s and women’s gymnastics was installed by 3 SPIETH technicians within 4 weeks. The new gym hall contains an open pit as well as a closed pit to learn new elements/tricks step by step.    

The area between standard FIG mats, spring floor and pits was equipped with our special and customized mat system. To avoid altitude differences, the area of the vault run up was raised to the same upper level as the rest. Having the same level in the entire gym hall prevents injuries due to trip hazards.

To complete and optimize the methodical training process, ceiling rings above the pit, a ground leveled large trampoline next to the pit as well as climbing ropes, methodical rings, wall bars, mirror and ballet bars were installed.
After training in an exhibition tent for about 5 years, the gymnasts of the club  “KTV Koblenz” are happy to finally train in a stationary gym hall.