New: Uneven bars Bern

17 November 2015

We are rapidly approaching the end of an eventful year and before the year ends, we would like to introduce you to our latest product development. The new uneven bars model “Bern” is available as of now and will be replacing the previous model “Dortmund”. Through reinforced metal tubes as well as developed frame tubes, an over-tensioning has become almost impossible.

Improved features, consistent design
The new uneven bars model „Bern“ provides more stability and safety for the gymnast through reinforced and extended metal tubes. Through the reinforcement of the metal tubes from 3mm to 4 mm, as well as an extension of the adjustment tubes, over-tensioning and consequently bending of the tubes has become almost impossible. The new tensioning system doesn’t require a tensioning device.

Two safety slide adjusters allow fine tuning and the risk of over-tensioning is reduced. Furthermore the dynamic characteristics of the apparatus are distributed more evenly, as the apparatus is installed in a centered position to the tensioning spots. Mounting has been improved as well. Safety nuts provide more safety and endurance. Through developed technical processing of the veneer, the bars are even more durable, providing the same consistent quality and flexibility.

For any further questions, please send an email to or contact our product specialists: +49 71535032800

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