New: Competition balance beam ‘Soft Touch’

06 November 2017

Soft but stable landing with reduced impact on athlete's joints. Meet the best of 2 worlds.

New: Competition balance beam 'Soft Touch'

Measured impact forces of the current competition beam compared to the new Soft Touch beam show a decrease in impact forces of up to 50%. 
It keeps its well-known stability to perform pirouettes, jumps and sidewards landings. The hygroscopic Paraskin cover ensures a perfect grip. Soft ergonomically shaped end caps provide additional comfort for the gymnast.

Competition balance beam 'Soft Touch' Competition balance beam 'Soft Touch'

A new innovative shape of the aluminium profile makes the balance beam appear optically wider, which makes it more comfortable for the gymnasts to train and compete on it.

The height is adjustable from 75 to 125 cm, with increments of 5 cm.

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