New gymnastics training center in Uetendorf (CH)

04 September 2019

A training hall for junior gymnasts has been built in Uetendorf, Switzerland. The old warehouse has been redesigned so that the younger athletes now can train on the first floor at about 790 sqm.

The hall is equipped with two special features: a raised open landing pit and soft crash mat than be divided in four parts. Due to the structural and static conditions, no landing pit could be dug. Therefore, this was built up on the floor with a wooden construction. The open landing pit is filled with small foam blocks. It is directly connected to a large competition trampoline and a trampoline track. The soft crash mat with a size of 560x300 cm can be disassembled into four parts and is therefore flexible in use. In its full size, it was placed at the high bar and is used there similar to a closed pit for methodical training.

In addition to the special features, a ceiling  ring system as well as all competition gymnastics equipment - including a swing floor - were also installed in the gym. For a safe training, the mats have been adapted to partly existing, older apparatuses as well as to new apparatuses. This allows an optimized training not only for the junior gymnasts, but also for the athletes of ceiling ring sport (typical for Switzerland).

In a construction period of 1.5 weeks, a great training center for the young gymnasts in Switzerland was created.