Enormous gymnastics centre Novosibirsk

11 February 2019

In a unique combination, the Yevgeni Podgorny Gymnastics Centre in Novosibirsk has created ideal conditions for both training and competition on an area of around 3,800 m2. The needs of artistic gymnasts in training differ from those in competition, which was addressed specifically in the design of the hall. There are separate training areas at both ends of the hall. In the centre of the hall, a set of apparatus is available to users for the staging of competitions.

Training areas  
A lot of training work is required before gymnastics athletes can achieve top performance in competition. For this purpose, a separate training area for women with an area of about 780 m2 has been installed on one side of the arena and a training area for men with an area of about 860 m2 on the other. In training it is important to ensure that difficult elements can be learned with as little risk as possible. For this purpose, competition apparatus been installed alongside landing pits to ensure safe landings and to prevent falls. In addition, the apparatus equipped with special trainer platforms, so that it is possible for the trainers to provide assistance. In addition to the competition apparatus, there is a multitude of methodical apparatus in these areas. The various items of apparatus are also available several times, so that the training groups can train efficiently at the respective apparatus. In order to create a uniform height level for all apparatus in the arena, the training areas have been raised to the same level as the competition area.

Competition area
A 1,815 m2 area for gymnastics competitions has been installed. In top-level gymnastics competitions, the gymnastics apparatus is regularly erected on 80 cm high platforms above the hall floor. So that athletes can prepare in the arena under the same conditions and so that competitions can be held  irectly in the arena, all the apparatus has also been installed on a platform. The competition area for women and men is positioned centrally in the arena so that spectators enjoy a good view of athletes’ performances from the stands. There is room for 500 spectators in the arena.

Best conditions pave the way to Tokyo
All installed SPIETH competition apparatus and mats meet the high standards of the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) and are FIG-certified. This will enable the Russian national gymnastics team, among others, to prepare for the upcoming highlights in the competition calendar in the best possible way. For example, the European Championships in Szczecin (Poland) and the World Championships in Stuttgart (Germany) are scheduled for 2019. Both events will be held on SPIETH apparatus and also count towards qualification for the Olympic Summer Games in Tokyo.