Overview Events with SPIETH Gymnastics

28 January 2014

tl_files/Spieth Gymnastics/Projecten Spieth/zaal_Berlin_VM100911-145.jpgThe year 2014 just startet, so it is worth glancing at the upcoming events!

This year is again packed with enthralling competitions, therefore it is provived a short overview of competitions equipped with SPIETH apparatuses. This outlook shows it´s all about rhythmic gymnastics in 2014 and 2015.

All important championships will take place on SPIETH equipment!

  • World Cup Rhythmic Gymnastics Stuttgart, Germany 2014
  • European Championships Rhythmic Gymnastics Baku, Azerbaidschan 2014
  • World Championships Rhythmic Gymnastics Izmir, Turkey 2014
  • European Games Baku, Azerbaidschan 2015
  • World Championships Rhythmic Gymnastics Stuttgart, Germany 2015
  • European Championships Artistic Gymnastics Bern, Switzerland 2016

We are very much looking forward to enthralling events!

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